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emotional Release

releasecords that pull on your energy

Emotional Release

with Negative Energy Clearing

Emotional cords form energetic links between you and other people.  Negative cords can form when you have traumatic experiences or a sense of betrayal, blame and anger.  Through these cords, people past and present can “pull” on your energy, leaving you feeling tired and off-centre.  This session will help you disconnect these cords so that you can stop losing energy to other people, leaving you free to reconnect with those who are important to you.

Investment $75 | 0.5 hour session

Negative Energy Clearing

Negative Energy Clearing is paired with the Emotional Release session in order to clear all negative energy that a person is carrying with them.  This process clears any negative influences, thoughts or intentions directed toward you by another person.  You will feel more at ease and in control of your own life. 

A great session for those who need to disconnect from past and present relationships, those who have been physically and emotionally abused, or have been a victim of a traumatic event.  It is also helpful for people who work with the public or in a business environment, where handling many clients can leave your feeling drained. 

Benefits of
Emotional Release

Bring Your Current Relationships To A New And Healthier Level​

Clearing away all negative energy

Release anger, blame, hurt, and betrayal

Align Yourself With New Energy And New Focus​

Experience the emotional feeling of being free

Release Patterns That Keep You Stuck In The Past​