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Empower Thyself Program

accelerate and expand your potential!

Empower Thyself Program​

Do you feel that you have a bigger purpose to fulfill in this life? Do you wish you could make the world a better place for all? Take your life and spiritual awareness to a whole new level! 

This 2-day class with an investment of $900 is designed to Empower You!

New Spiritual Awareness

Empower Thyself Program and Initiation will teach you how to work with energy in order to manifest the life you truly want to live.  You will learn how to use ancient tools and rituals to awaken your highest potential and become a true Light Worker.  Based on the most ancient teachings, this program is unique and is an extremely effective way to position yourself for greatness. 

This class follows a set curriculum, carefully crafted several thousand years ago, in the temples of King Salomon the Wise.  The information you receive during the classes is passed on from teacher to student, untouched, unchanged and has been tested over and over again.  It works for everyone!

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Learn how to work with angels and protect your energy field

Bring 10 times more light energy to your goals, dreams and desires

Sacred ceremony with physical initiation

Learn how your own energy systems work, and how the universe and heaven are structured

Greater awareness and connectivity to your own intuition and inner guidance