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Full spirit Activation

awakenyour higher mind and soul!

Full Spirit Activation

Feel more joy, connection to life and unblock channels of awareness. 

This session is the second step of Life Activation that will further increase the connection to your soul body and strengthen your soul’s awareness to this physical existence.  By unblocking channels of awareness, it enhances the nervous system to help fight apathy in the soul, leaving you feeling more alive.   

Investment $160 | 1.5 hour session | 2 bottles of drops

Benefits of
Full Spirit Activation

Boosts your connection to life, nature and people around you

Fills you with a sense of joy

Provides clarity for your life purpose

Energy alignments and awakening of Thalamus Region, Pituitary and Pineal Glands

Intensifies your physical and spiritual senses​

Includes Tree of Life and Chakra Awakening​