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Ensofic Reiki Healing​

powerfulhealing for body, mind and soul!

Ensofic Reiki Healing

The purest and most powerful ray of Reiki Energy! Ensofic Reiki healing modality is a process of alignment and re-orientation of Body, Soul and Spirit. 

The Ensofic Ray is the highest, brightest and most powerful ray of energy on the planet today. It uses the purest and most powerful ray of Light that comes to us from Ensof, the infinite & almighty being some refer to as God.  Experience how this truly powerful healing treatment can destroy imbalanced physical, mental and emotional patterns that prevent us from reaching our potential.  

Powerful Healing Modality

An excellent treatment option for those suffering from physical ailments, and anyone feeling stuck, off track or lacking passion for life. 

The healing is done in 3 sessions.

Session 1:    Eliminates blockages in the physical body.
Session 2:    Works at the soul & spirit level, where the 12 Rays of Creation are brought down, infused and activated with the client’s energy.
Session 3:    Customized treatment for each person depending on where their energy is at the moment.

Please contact me for more information and package pricing.

Benefits of
Ensofic Reiki Healing

Heightens vibration of the body

Allows you to release lower energies that cause illness

Clears and heals negative thoughts and patterns

Gently releases suffering held within your being

Realigns your physical body with your purpose and potential

Assists you in managing your life with clarity